Preparation and support of concluding lease agreements: where to look for help?

Development and conclusion of the contract is one of the most important stages of launching a new project in the field of real estate leasing. Properly and competently designed document will help to establish cooperation between the partners so as to avoid claims from one of the parties in the future. To do this, you need to consider all possible strategic issues that may arise during the implementation of the business idea. It should be understood that the lease agreement is the so-called "Constitution of the agreement", which the parties will be guided by in all matters throughout the term of cooperation. And it is very important to lay down in the contract the basic principles on which the contractors will rely for the sake of further coordinated work.

At present, it is almost impossible to take into account all problematic aspects of the partnership between the parties without consulting experts. Often young companies make mistakes when concluding contracts due to incompetence and ignorance of all the intricacies of working on this document. This is due to lack of experience and ignorance of all the basic principles that operate in the market. These mistakes cost companies lost investment, time and resources. In such cases, you should turn to specialists who will provide agency services and help develop an individual template of the lease agreement, which will take into account the specifics of the client's business and the main trends in the real estate market at the moment.

UKRAINIAN CONSULT GROUP is ready to accompany the client at all stages of concluding a lease agreement. In particular, we are talking about:
1) Development of a contract template for a specific client in accordance with the specifics of his work and wishes;
2) Development of the regulations of the shopping center indicating the obligations of tenants, the procedure for access and rules of use of the provided territory, etc .;
3) Accompanying the client in negotiations with contractors at all stages of coordination and conclusion of the lease agreement.

Specialists of the "UKRAINIAN CONSULT GROUP" are guided by their own experience, market knowledge and world-class experience in preparing documentation for investors and entrepreneurs. Also, when signing a lease agreement, we take into account the previous experience of the client. Not only positive but also negative cases are taken into account here. After all, our mission is to protect the customer company from possible financial failure.
The main priority for our company is to defend the interests of the customer.

To do this, our consultants find out the priority goals and motivation for concluding the agreement. As a result, it is possible to form a clear vision of the structure of the future document. The joint work of lawyers-practitioners and specialists in commercial real estate with extensive experience allows the client to enter into an agreement on the most favorable terms that are currently available on the market.

UKRAINIAN CONSULT GROUP guarantees the development of a legally verified agreement that will simplify cooperation with contractors for the entire term of the lease. To do this, during the preparation we pay attention to the indication in the document of clearly defined and transparent agreements of the parties. It is carefully planned and written conditions that make it possible to minimize the risk of conflict.
Our company guarantees the result, because we take responsibility for:
• compliance with current legislation;
• storage of confidential information of customer parties;
• fully informing clients about the risks of concluding a future agreement;
• legal registration of the template of the lease agreement.

In addition, customers have the opportunity to consult with advisors on the specifics of negotiations - what to look for and how to defend their interests when concluding a contract. Also, experts of the "UKRAINIAN CONSULT GROUP" will accompany the client or fully represent his interests at all stages of negotiations on a lease agreement.