Can artificial intelligence be useful in the work of a real estate consultant?

Bots in messengers and on websites, electronic and voice assistants, face-id, robotic vacuum cleaners and other "smart" home appliances - all these elements have become common in everyday life and are increasingly common in our lives.

Artificial intelligence is closely woven into the daily life and professional life of every Ukrainian. The 2020 pandemic only accelerated its development.

Today, artificial intelligence can not only take meter readings and book us to the dentist, but can also write movie scripts, paint pictures, and create music. Driverless vehicles, unmanned stores and robotic delivery are already appearing.

Big data is the future, and by analyzing such huge masses of information, artificial intelligence is trained every minute, and with our help it becomes smarter and more efficient.

Already today, it saves time and resources by finding patterns and systematizing large data sets. Almost with ease, we entrust it with a number of simple functions to leave time for creativity, creativity and completion of complex tasks.

Can artificial intelligence be useful in the work of a real estate consultant? Of course. Already today, he can "accept" applications from customers, fill out and send questionnaires, find information on the Internet according to specified parameters, processing large data sets in a relatively short period. Perhaps over time, we will be able to delegate to him to conduct correspondence, form commercial proposals and even predict investment results.
Experts agree that it is difficult to fully understand the potential of the development of artificial intelligence and to what extent it is capable of evolving. It is possible that a superintelligence will appear in the future, which will surpass the mental abilities of a person, or even humanity, whose logic will be incomprehensible to us.

Already today, art critics pay attention to the fact that the pictures drawn by artificial intelligence are not limited by the frames and stereotypes inherent in the human view of the world.

But they say that a perfectly executed visual image lacks the "highlight", the unique view of the artist. And the script of the movie is similar to a mix of those scripts that were provided by neural networks for analysis.
Therefore, we are still inclined to the fact that the best will still work in tandem between a highly qualified specialist and artificial intelligence.

At present, artificial intelligence beats humans in solving narrowly specialized tasks, therefore, it can really partially replace low-skilled personnel over time. Artificial intelligence can summarize all the data received, analyze them, but it is currently unable to make a decision taking into account the entire range of factors that shape relationships between people in the commercial sphere. In addition, no algorithms will replace live communication between the customer and the consultant, the skills of artificial intelligence will still be secondary. Yes, the program can issue its forecasts according to the algorithms embedded in it, but only a highly qualified specialist based on his practice, experience, knowledge and skills will be able to help make the right choice that will lead to the desired result.

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