The relevance of concept development with the inclusion of architectural solutions, or why you should turn to specialists?

Big business and investors today are more mature than ever to invest in serious development projects. Because its representatives faced the difficulty of implementing a successful project without the involvement of competent specialists from outside and the lack of guarantees of success after investing in new areas or regions. In addition, market demand requires the construction of quality, taking into account the requirements, retail, office and warehouse space.
Consulting companies are an option to avoid potential risks through the experience of others. Analyst consultants help investors to improve business ideas and find shortcomings in the organization of work processes. That is why more and more often company executives turn to the agent services of independent advisors who are ready to advise them in this area.

The company "UKRAINIAN CONSULT GROUP" is one of the types of services in its arsenal to develop a concept for shopping malls, shopping centers and logistics centers. During the work, our specialists not only give practical advice, but also develop a clear plan for the implementation of the idea of ​​architectural infrastructure. First of all, the concept consists of:
• visualization of an architectural structure;
• zoning;
• offers of rental rates (rent-roll);
• distribution of operators by areas, pre-brokerage;
• planning of architectural solutions in a specialized system of design and drawing AutoCAD, etc.

All this the client receives after finishing work on various media (printout, electronic form). This will save the company from possible problems with the implementation of the business idea in the long run.

For the best result within one project specialists of "UKRAINIAN CONSULT GROUP" from various spheres of consulting decisions are involved to investigate specificity, urgency and success of the project at all stages. Time to complete the work - from 3 to 12 months, depending on the complexity of the project. During this time it is possible to divide the work into several stages and areas. The process of cooperation begins with a thorough analysis of the market, available documentation, investment and technical capabilities of the customer. Also at the initial stage, a study of the location of the building, competitors and potential users of services. The conclusions to the work contain suggestions for improvement and efficient use of the site.

Our specialists develop a concept taking into account all the factors that may affect the operation in the future. For example, at the design stage of a building, we work out floor plans with their vertical and horizontal connections, the possibility of parking and functional zoning. The main thing - all stages are supplemented by recommendations on the sequence of work and possible risks.
As a result, client companies receive a complete package of documents, which will include:
1) Information on possible rental rates, number of tenants, area of ​​the territory and zoning of the building;
2) The general plan of visualization of the concept;
3) 3D-model of an architectural structure;
4) Project plans;
5) Feasibility study.

The received developments allow to launch the project in the planned terms and protect our clients from commercial collapses according to the prepared plan. Recommendations from the specialists of the "UKRAINIAN CONSULT GROUP" help investors and developers to make strategic decisions because they are designed in accordance with a specific architectural structure and take into account the individual characteristics of doing business in this area.