Reflections on the path that defines the entity

December 23, 2023 UKRAINIAN CONSULT GROUP has turned four years old. These years of development and establishment of the company have passed and are passing in very difficult times for the world and our country. The global pandemic, the full-scale invasion of Muscovites on our lands, other, far from favorable conditions for the development of business in the B2B format hardened our team, made us more flexible, operative in the field of conducting business and steadfast and stable in difficult everyday life and faith in a bright future. I, as the head of the company, want to briefly describe these years in this article and express my gratitude and respect to colleagues, partners and our customers with whom we are going along this path.
In December of the nineteenth year, a group of like-minded people decided to found the company Ukrainian Consult group, the main purpose and task of which is to provide quality consulting services in the field of commercial real estate, namely: in matters of construction, brokerage and real estate management. Our goals are to create and improve an investment, competitive and quality environment for doing business in Ukraine.
Our values are decency, diligence, professionalism. The name of our company was not chosen by chance, as in our daily activities, working with Ukrainian and foreign companies, we appear as a 100% Ukrainian company and make every effort to develop Ukrainian companies and entrepreneurship in Ukraine, Europe and the world.
The sage said that "we all walk the same road, with someone we walk side by side for a long time, and with someone to the first crossroads." I want to gratefully mention the colleagues in the field of activity with whom we have been working all these years.
First of all, I want to thank Nick Cotton, the head of the Cushman&Wakefield company in Ukraine, for his support and understanding in the first year of our company's development. For us, the high standards and level of services of this international consulting company are always a model and a reference point by which we are guided in our activities. Also, many thanks to the former general director of the consulting company RDA Taisia Lytovchenko and the current director of RDA Andriy Lototskyi. The company RDA (Retail&Development Advisor) is always a reliable partner in joint projects, the number of which increases from year to year.
Separately, with a warm word, I want to mention the co-founder and chairman of the board of the Association of Retailers of Ukraine Andriy Zhuk. Wise words, useful advice, promotion and development of Ukrainian business in Ukraine and beyond - these are the main principles of this person's activity. The list of our partners and friends in the field of activity is quite large. Our company always tries to build relations with colleagues in the workshop as harmoniously as possible, not to compete, but to be partners, since we all have the same goal - project by project, agreement by agreement, we build and create the State, the environment that is our dream and goal .
From the bottom of my heart, thanks to our esteemed customers - investors, developers, owners and top managers of companies who order and use our consulting services. Thanks to these people, their passionate energy, we have the opportunity to implement our knowledge and skills. Each successful project, as a result of which our customer gets the desired or even better result, is the fruit of our cooperation and inspires new achievements!
For the past four years, the Ukrainian Consult Group has been engaged in consulting services that contribute to the development of construction of commercial, office and logistics real estate, the expansion of large retail and other networks, as well as investment activities. The geography of our activity is from Uzhgorod to Zaporizhzhia, from Chernihiv and Sumy to Odesa. The company's agents deal with projects of any complexity, setting high standards for the level of work performed.
Summarizing the above, I want to quote the words of Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytskyi: "Love Ukraine not with a stream of loud and noisy phrases, but with quiet tireless work..." To new achievements, friends!
Sincerely, Roman Kobrin, head of the Ukrainian Consult Group company.