The financial concept of real estate is a strategic component of any business idea

Absolutely at all stages of development projects there is a danger of failure, which occurs due to miscalculations at an early stage. That is why the initial analysis and forecasting of potential risks for business are important factors in the company's future work. To do this, it is essential to involve professionals who could provide a forecast for the development of a potential project.

Working with a consulting company is extremely profitable because it minimizes the client's risks and saves his time and costs. UKRAINIAN CONSULT GROUP provides agency services for strategic consulting for the effective implementation of development projects. First of all, we develop financial concepts of real estate to model the income of our clients. Our experienced specialists develop a step-by-step plan for the implementation of the future project.

Financial modeling includes:
• determination of the forecast period;
• determination of future revenues (analysis of trends and actual data based on the work of existing companies);
• determination of project implementation costs (by periods);
• determination of discount and capitalization rates;
• calculation of net present value (NPV) of cash flows;
• calculation of internal rate of return (IRR);
•calculation of the payback period of the project (PBD);
• calculation of the discounted payback period (DPP);
• SWOT analysis.

The advantage of developing a financial concept of a real estate object is the concentration of attention not only on the current affairs of the company, but also the formation of expectations and real prospects of the project after some time. Thus, the field of view of our specialists includes all the factors that affect the profits and expenses of customers - from analyzing the problems of competitors to forecasting situations based on trends in the real estate market.

It is worth noting that UKRAINIAN CONSULT GROUP is developing a financial plan for future as well as reconceptual projects. We are ready to help clients who want to make changes in the concept of doing real estate business and implement new solutions.

Specialists of the "UKRAINIAN CONSULT GROUP" plan rent-roll according to different scenarios of the idea, using competent knowledge of the real estate market and their own practical experience. That is, as a result of cooperation, our clients receive several ways (directions) of doing business, which are based on the individual financial capabilities of the company, namely:
1) determination of basic income (rent and lease);
2) expenditure parts of the project (costs for landscaping, zoning, parking, etc.);
3) the ratio of income and expenses during the active operation of the property;
4) investment attractiveness of the project for stakeholders.

Thus, sound financial modeling is a way to properly distribute cash flows within a single enterprise. No company can function without analyzing this flow and studying it carefully.
Experts of the "UKRAINIAN CONSULT GROUP" are ready to develop a financial model of the real estate project in the shortest possible time, which will allow to calculate the expected financial results. Our team has extensive experience in implementing large-scale real estate projects for iconic companies in Western Ukraine.